Wedding Dress Design Copying- a Warning from Tickled Pink

UK Designers are on the Warpath.  Fed up with coming up with innovative ideas, only to see them poached by cut-price copyists, they have persuaded the UK Parliament  to introduce a Bill        – The Intellectual Property Bill – that will in future make it a criminal offence to copy original designs. This will apply not only to fashion, and wedding dresses, but things like shoes and furniture too. All political parties have signed up to the new laws which have passed through all stages of The Commons and The Lords and now only awaits Royal Assent.

The UK bridal industry has been plagued by people who claim they can successfully copy any dress design at a far cheaper price- only to deliver a poor fake. But once the new law is passed both the bride ordering the dress and the copyist will get a visit from the Police. In the past designers have had to take costly civil action.  Bravo, we say !