Useful Information for Grooms

Here at Tickled Pink, we have some 30 years experience helping  grooms and their menswear party choose the perfect outfits for  their wedding day. So here’s a few words of friendly advice…

Choosing Your Mens’ Outfitter

First off, talk to friends about their experiences – that will go a long way in helping choose your outfitter.  For your wedding, quality, service and reliability and perfect fit are paramount, and although price is important, it is not everything.

Make sure you are aware of any extra charges, such as insurance, delivery charges, the size of security deposit requested and exactly what is included in the hire package. For example, if you are restricted to certain jacket styles or waistcoat patterns as part of a deal, you need to know.

Ask to try on outfits for colour and styles to suit you and (just as important) suit the wishes of your bride-to-be.  Trying on is also vital to get your perfect size. Tickled Pink has a variety of suits available to select and try on for a good fit.

Who Chooses the Style and Colours?

Usually, the bride and groom together, often bringing with them colour swatches from the bridesmaids’ dresses or even reception decorations. Occasionally friends and relatives play a part in the process, but too many different perspectives can lead to confusion. Once the suit choice is decided, individual members of the party will need to call for an appointment and attend for their fitting.

Who Pays for the Mens Formalwear?

It’s becoming more common for each member of the party to pay for their own outfit, although sometimes the bride and groom pay for everything and sometimes parents also contribute.

When Are Payments Due?

An initial non-refundable payment is made on ordering, and the balance is due shortly before the wedding.

Can Shops Supply Special Sizes?

At Tickled Pink, our biggest jacket is a 52 inch chest and our biggest trouser is a 46 inch waist.

What About Collection Days?

Collection day is arranged via an appointment.

What are the Arrangements for Overseas Weddings & Suit Hire?

Most shops charge a lower hire rate for the extra weeks the garments are away. Independent retailers with their own stock such as Tickled Pink, will usually be happy to supply waistcoats only, or outfits without the jackets. Some stores will only supply complete outfits, and charge accordingly, so it’s worth checking.

Any Further Queries?

We’re delighted to help. Call on 01302 842234 or email  Tickled Pink is located in Hatfield on the A18 seven miles east of near Doncaster Yorkshire, UK DN7 6SB and is the winner of eight customer service awards.

Note: It is important to call or email to make your appointment before visiting  Tickled Pink as we are a very busy shop and Saturdays get booked up well ahead. We love to see you, but please call in advance.