Tickled Pink of Doncaster reveals average wedding dress spend

A survey by Brides magazine readers – the “poshest” of the UK bridal magazines – shows that the average spent by their brides on a wedding dress is £1,378 , some £100 up on last year’s figure, showing that clients are feeling more confident in spending that little bit more for the dress they really want. Don’t forget that this is a national average and includes top of the range designer dresses only found in London shops which draw in wealthy overseas visitors on a shopping spree.

Online advisor confetti.com’s survey reports top colours for bridesmaids are the pastel shades of blue, purple, pink and turquoise. Brides choose shades of ivory or white for their dress, with a handful going for gold shades. As for styles, A-line is the tops by far followed by fishtails, with the ballgown designs, which once dominated, accounting for just a fifth. Some love retro, while with same-sex weddings it’s real mix of styles.