Free Advice for Brides

At Tickled Pink we have some thirty years experience in helping brides make their bridal gown choices, so to help make things go smoothly, here’s a few friendly words of advice.

Expect to make an appointment

At least an hour will be set aside as your personal time for you to select a dress. If you call in ‘on spec’, you may find an appointment slot free, but otherwise you’ll need to be prepared to wait or to have to call again. Popular shops with a good reputation will be busy, especially on Saturdays and during school holidays.

Keep an open mind about styles

Try dresses on to find the shape and size that suits you. You may have decided on a particular look you love, but until you try it on, you won’t really know what suits your body shape and overall style. A professional sales assistant will listen to your wishes before making suggestions. In most shops you can expect to find over a hundred dresses to choose from in a variety of styles, sizes and colours. The most popular shade by far is ivory, diamond white, or pale cream, or sometimes pink or apricot shades. Normally, these are all sample dresses for you to try on and find your favourite.  Brides usually know instinctively when they have found “the dress”.  There’s no place for pressure selling in a bridal shop.

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