Beware Fake Internet Wedding Dresses

Did you know? – there’s a website dedicated to exposing the fraudulent methods of the many crooks operating over the internet offering so-called bargain wedding dresses. “brides beware” is the name of the site and so far it has recorded an amazing 12,500 “likes” on it’s facebook page. The site is supported by the genuine manufacturers and retailers in the UK, such as Tickled Pink, who offer cast iron guarantees on quality, delivery and financial security. Luckless brides hoping for a cut-price dress have been receiving  shoddy goods, terrible copies  of  top name labels, dresses the wrong colour, wrong size  and sometimes nothing at all. Beware also of a favourite trick where the dresses looks a bargain but the delivery charges and packing amount to hundreds of pounds extra. One unfortunate bride was sent her dress in a box no bigger than a pizza carton !

Wedding Dress Design Copying- a Warning from Tickled Pink

UK Designers are on the Warpath.  Fed up with coming up with innovative ideas, only to see them poached by cut-price copyists, they have persuaded the UK Parliament  to introduce a Bill        – The Intellectual Property Bill – that will in future make it a criminal offence to copy original designs. This will apply not only to fashion, and wedding dresses, but things like shoes and furniture too. All political parties have signed up to the new laws which have passed through all stages of The Commons and The Lords and now only awaits Royal Assent.

The UK bridal industry has been plagued by people who claim they can successfully copy any dress design at a far cheaper price- only to deliver a poor fake. But once the new law is passed both the bride ordering the dress and the copyist will get a visit from the Police. In the past designers have had to take costly civil action.  Bravo, we say !


Same Sex Weddings now legal

The first same sex weddings will take place in England and Wales on Saturday 29th March, putting same gender couples on the same legal basis as heterosexual  married couples. This follows the successful completion of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 despite a rocky ride, last year. Maria Miller Equalities Ministrer  commented :”Marriage is one of our most important institutions and  now it will be open to anyone, irrespective of whether they fall in love with someone of the same sex or opposite sex.” They will also be lucky enough to qualify for the new Married Couples Allowance, aimed at encouraging  co-habiting couples to make a full commitment. All the Tickled Pink team welcomes the new  rules, having happily looked after the needs of same-sex couples in Bridal and Menswear for a number of years.

Just One Visit for Mens Hire at Tickled Pink

Just one visit – that all it takes to get your mens’ formal hire outfits chosen to perfection at Tickled Pink Mens Hire Hatfield Doncaster. Why is that? When many other mens hire companies ask you to call back time and time again.

Here at Tickled Pink, we keep all our outfits in stock at all times – 500 of them. Clients simply make an appointment, try on for a perfect fit from a whole range of sizes and styles to get the ultimate in elegance, and then the menfolk collect a few days before the wedding. Don’t forget too there’s a brand new top quality formal shirt  to everyone to keep.

Contrast this with shops that hire in outfits from a central supplier, hold a few outfits in stock, measure  the men up, and then have a try-on day maybe a week before or  even a few days before. If it isn’t a good fit then  it’s a question of traipsing back into town to try on again – even maybe again. Car park charges, extra anxiety, hours of time eaten up unnecessarily. And quite often grooms report to us that the “trying on” time is fully booked.

It’s the last thing you need just before  your wedding.

Hello Tickled Pink – “The Service Is Brilliant”

Here’s a quick comment from one of our many delighted customers.

Tracey Ford  has just sent us a message on her iPad.  “I’d just like to thank you ladies for finding my Dream Dress. The service you give is brilliant. I’ll definitely be recommending you, Thanks Again Tracey.”

Thanks for that Tracey. And Thankyou for choosing Tickled Pink .We all send our love.

Moneysaving Bright Idea

Dessy bridesmaids have come up with a great moneysaver -the bride chooses the colour of the dresses and the bridesmaids choose from a range of styles, finding the one each girl loves the best.  The Dessy designs come is a huge range of shades – see their website – and are  styled to be used again as party dresses-result – everyone is a winner.